Thank You, Mike Kneeland, for your service as Co-President!

Mike has been the Nashville Carolina Club’s Co-President for the last three years. As his time in his role comes to a close, we want to offer our sincere thanks for all he has done for our Club. From reengaging members to helping create new traditions and organizing processes on the back-end, Mike’s contributions have been invaluable!

Here’s a bit more about him…

Degree/Year at UNC:

MHA 2012

Career Path Overview:

I worked in IT consulting prior to heading to Carolina for graduate school (MHA). After working with clients across 5 industry verticals, I realized how much of technology was neither adding value nor user-centric. I founded a person-centered organization design firm, Pergo Design, where we lead enterprise transformations at the intersection of simplification and value.


I’m a healthy blend of adventure and arts. I enjoy numerous high-adventure sports, cycling, and olympic triathlons. To balance out my high-energy lifestyle, I’m also an avid artist (particularly pop art), a sucker for live music, have a knack for cooking, and am a frequent reader of all things health and innovation.

What has the Carolina Club meant to you?

Even though I only went to Carolina for graduate school, I have this incredible sense of pride in saying I’m a Tar Heel. There aren’t many colleges that are equal parts of world-class academia, character, social impact, and have college sports teams to cheer on year-round!

What has been your favorite memory while serving as Co-President?

Without a doubt, our transformation from chapter to family. Over the last 3 years, one of our primary goals was to establish a family-like culture for the club, where members felt a meaningful connection to the chapter beyond March Madness. Over the last year, several new out-of-state transplants commented how our chapter had an incredible sense of camaraderie that was so inclusive year-round. That makes me so proud!

What are your hopes for the Club moving forward/advice to those involved?

Increased involvement of alumni who graduated before ~2000. There are so many reasons why — socials, volunteering, mentoring, networking. For everyone reading this — trust me when I say that there are few things greater than the feeling of giving back! It’s never too late.